When Others Talk About SCC

We've compiled a list of media, blog and video coverage of Safer Cycling Calgary. Please note that as of 2019, SCC has moved away from the CAN-BIKE program. Our curriculum is now better than before!


Mar 5, 2013: Calgary Herald: No-brainer cycling study puts responsibility for kids safety on all of us


May 16, 2016: Calgary Herald article and video: Calgary woman builds a business teaching immigrants how to cycle
f the video fails to load, try the direct link here

August 18, 2016: Calgary Herald (print only version): Walk, drive, bus or cycle... stay safe on the way to school


May 30, 2018: Get Kids Out Video Blog: Bike Safety with Ben and Ellie

September 19, 2018: Savvy Mom Blog: Here's where to go in Calgary to teach your kids to safely ride a bike

December 20, 2018: Avenue Calgary: 5 Tips for Bike Commuting in Calgary


July 16, 2019: Life With Boys Blog: Learning how to ride a bike! note: the author of this blog states that her youngest didn't succeed (he did by our criteria) and omitted the fact that she had her middle child there who was causing a disruption to all. I have posted a response but it had to go as multiple comments (posted by the author). 


June 17, 2020: CBC News: Calgary through the eyes of new bike riders


May 2021: AMA Insider Magazine Summer edition: What's Being Done to Boost Cycling Safety and Accessibility in Alberta?